Nice France : A Paradise for Aristrocratic English Folks

Nice – France
Honestly, the Nice city never had been in my travel bucket list. I didn’t know much about this city. One of my travel buff friend insisted me to visit this city. I wanted to visit Monte Carlo since I watched the movie Iron Man. The movie really fascinated me and I start making plans to witness this city one day. So that’s how Nice and Monte Carlo had been added in my Europe travel list.
We decide to stay in Nice and take a day trip of Monte Carlo.

As you know that I was not much excited about Nice so I decided to take a nap during my bus journey from Milan to Nice. I got awake when I enter Nice and what I was blown away with the sights through my bus window. I saw a beautiful seacoast and astonishing skyscrapers. It was a totally different scenario from Switzerland and Milan. Though we thoroughly enjoyed the natural beauty of Switzerland and mind-blowing architecture of Milan but this city was no less. It was looking so lively and fresh. The weather was not that cool so doesn’t need to wear our long coats.
It was the time to enjoy the breeze of Nice and flaunt my floral dress.

It was a Hotel apartment with a small kitchen, drawing room, and dining room. I was famished so quickly made Maggi and my girnar nasal chai and sat back on my window and start devouring my Maggi with an awesome view of Nice city.
After that, we decide to take a small walk in the city. We bought some eggs and bread for our breakfast.
Next day we took a city tour of Nice. The natural environment of the Nice area and its mild Mediterranean climate came to the attention of the English upper classes in the second half of the 18th century, when an increasing number of aristocratic families took to spending their winters there.

We decide to take a city bus to reach the Hotel. Let me tell you that Nice folk are very helpful. There was one lady on the bus stop, she aids us to board the right bus to our hotel. She literally saves our wherewithal for hiring a taxi.
It was almost 6:30pm and we reached the destined bus stop. Our hotel was just 100 meters away from the stop. During the way, I could feel the fresh vibe of the city, soothing sea breeze, vivid shops and cafeteria with lovely faces make this place so colorful.
We enter our Hotel Jay. It’s lobby was snaggy and decorated with some antique French masterpiece. Long glass windows with cosy couches make this place so authentic. They have also a coffee machine where you can have hot chocolate, coffee and warm milk and everything was free.

Nice is riveting, vibrant, the flamboyant city at the centre of the French Riviera in a stylish. A city surrounded by wonderful natural areas.
Nice has a typical Mediterranean climate, hot summer and mild winters. There are 150 lakes and fountains in Nice and about 15 delightful beaches.
Our hotel was in the vicinity of the castle beach. Castle beach and Baledes Anges beaches are the most famed and serene beaches in nice.
La Réserve is known as one of the best beaches in Nice. Plage Beau Rivage and Cocoa Beach are quite nice as well. Most consist of large flat stones so wear sandals/shoes and be sure to bring a towel.

Sitting in the Mediterranea cost, which stretches for miles the area of The Angles Triangle, is a center of attraction for visitors with its mind-blowing architecture and splendid Districts are truly a visual treat for every tourist.
On the first, we decide to roam around the old city. Labyrinthine narrow streets surround the old city centre where the aristocracy of nice lived at the beginning of the 19th century. A large part of the city’s historical richness is here.
We witness the old town of Nice which was decorated with colour full medieval buildings. It takes you to the old nice. During the walk, we witness a famous square. Near the square, there was a small fair was going on. We went there and boards the marrie go round and witness some breathtaking views of the city from the top.

On the second day, we decided to explore La Parc du chateau: I really relish this place. Surrounded by natural sights this place is the must-visit place for nature lovers.
One of the major attraction of the park is the fact that it was built on one of the best vista points for the city.

Nice has wonderful hilltop lookouts, restaurants, glamour, tons of scenery, and beautiful beaches.
The Castle of Nice is also the major tourist attractions. It was used for military purposes.
Nowadays, Castle Hill is used as a park. It’s the most famous public garden in Nice and a “must-see” place for the numerous tourists who visit the city. It offers many amazing panoramas, and provides a beautiful view all day long from sunrise to sundown, highlighting various landscapes.

Eid Mubarak Cake

As we all know that due to this horrific pandemic COVID 19 our life has completely changed. We all were super busy in our lives and all of sudden someone has pressed a pause button. This uncanny unwanted virus made our life completely bizarre. You know

”every cloud has a silver lining”

So let’s try to emphasize on the hopeful side of this pessimistic and gloomy circumstances, be innovative and creative and satisfy the artist inside you who always wanted to create and learned something new.

During this lockdown, I learned baking. I am trying to make various kind of cakes.

This Eid I decided to celebrate this glorious and riveting festival 🎊 with lip-smacking cake.

I am sharing the recipe for my cake. I really wanted to all my readers to try this recipe and let me know in the comment box.

Chocolate sponge cake

1kg cake

Flour 220g

Baking soda 1 tsp

Baking powder 1 tsp

Salt 1/2 tsp

Cocoa powder 30g (3 tbsp)

Sugar 200g

Oil 200ml

Egg 2 nos

Buttermilk 200ml

Vanilla essence 1 tsp

Sieve all the dry ingredients together except sugar.

Beat the eggs, sugar, buttermilk, oil and vanilla essence together.

Mix the dry and wet ingredients together.

Put in well-greased moulds.

Bake at 160-170 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Splendid Switzerland

Switzerland lush green lands

Switzerland the land of remarkable Mountains, picturesque location, fairy tale castle, extinguish landscapes. Undoubtedly it the dream destination of everyone globetrotter around the globe.

It was in my travel bucket list for so long and eventually, I got a chance to witness this unsurpassed king 👑 of breathing location country named Switzerland.

Mount Pilatus

We landed in Zurich and witness fireworks of New Year’s Eve. Next morning we took a tour of Zürich city by city tour bus.

Zurich city

Let me give you this visual treat to your eyes by giving a small blog with stunning pictures on Switzerland.

Switzerland the land of remarkable Mountains, picturesque location, fairy tale castle, extinguish landscapes. Undoubtedly it the dream destination of everyone globetrotter around the globe.

It was in my travel bucket list for so long and eventually, I got a chance to witness this unsurpassed king 👑 of breathing location country named Switzerland.

I think it is the best way to Explore Zurich city. We took on a half-day sightseeing tour of the city. Climb aboard a luxury coach for a panoramic tour of top sights like the Swiss National Museum, the Zurich Opera House and the Old Town.

Our city tour Bus 🚌

Our first stop was a swiss national museum it was constructed in 1898. This historicist style building was built by Gustav Gull in the form of the French Renaissance city chateaus. Its impressive architecture with dozens of towers, courts and his astonishing park on a peninsula between the rivers Sihl and Limmat has become one of the main sights of the Old City District of Zurich.

Swiss National Museum

Next was The Grossmünster, ( great monster)also Romanesque-style Protestant church in Zürich, Switzerland. It is one of the four major churches in the city.

The Grossmünster

Bahnhofstrasse is Zürich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. In 2011, a study named the Bahnhofstrasse the most expensive street for retail property in Europe,

Bahnhofstrasse is Zürich’s main downtown

My next stop was Lucerne, a compact city in Switzerland known for its well-looked-after medieval architecture, sits within snowcapped mountains on Lake Lucerne.

Lucern city

One of the city’s famous landmarks is the Chapel Bridge wooden bridge first established in the 14th century.

Chapel Wooden 💒 Bridge

The official language of Lucerne is the Swiss variety of Standard German, but the main spoken language is the Swiss German dialect.

Lucerne City is truly called the “Heart of the Country”. Thanks to its location, Lucerne is ranking among the prettiest cities in the world. Therefore, it is a central point to start your exploration around Switzerland.

Lucerne is a charismatic city on a picturesque lake surrounded by magnificent mountains. Thus, it captures the visitors with its glorious panoramic views. I must say my journey to Lucerne can give you the most remunerating aspects of any other trip to Europe.

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Lucerne is best-known for the wooden bridge spanning the river to connect the city. The most famous and world’s oldest one is the Chapel Bridge dating back to the 14th century. This pedestrians bridge is decorated with pictures representing Lucerne’s history. You can bye ddlj bell from this bridge.

Lucern Church

The bridge is certainly the most recognizable and photographed landmark in the town. While walking across the bridge you will find a gift shop, I also bought ddlj iconic cowbell from the souvenir shop. This cowbell is an eminent part of Switzerland culture. It is one of the pious and holy things for local folks.

Chapel 💒 Bridge

Lucerne City is home to many town squares and churches, which will surely leave unforgettable impressions on you. Try to explore the city by walking. Natural beauty pure and fresh air will rejuvenate you.

Lucern city

All along the lakeside are located many cafes and restaurants, where you can relax and admire the incredible view.

Start your travelling back in time, by walking in the Old Town of Lucerne, the car-free remarkable section of the city. It is consisting of many blocks of old buildings opulently decorated with painting murals, which show the village life and hunting scenes from the olden days, turning this place into an outdoor art gallery.

Lucern Old town

Also, you can relax on a boat across Lucerne Lake by taking a scenic cruise through the landmarks of this elegant city mixed with the panorama of the surrounding Swiss Alps’ peaks of Pilatus, Rigi and Titlis.

We also decided to explore mount Pilates.

Breathtaking view of Switzerland

Mount Pilatus: next we head to mount Pilatus for mount Pilates we booked a taxi for mount Pilates. I highly reckon you should take the print out of mount Pilates ropeway ticket. It was a long ropeway with three stops where they served you refreshments and some of them have kids parks as well.

That’s all for now I’ll surely come with some more travel videos from my Europe trip.

Will share next travel blog article soon 👍🏽👍🏽

Savoury Corn 🌽 food festival

As we all know that Indore is crowned as the food capital of india and corn 🌽 is native to Indore. During monsoon residents become lunatic and obsessed for corn. mp grows corn in excess.

Numerous restaurants and hotels use this nutritious crop and cook umpteen lip- smacking delicacies .

Papya tree is also celebrating corn food festival where they are going to serve 50 unique toothsome delicacies made of 🌽 corn.

Nested in raw bypass Papya tree is an opulent and renowned restaurant. Last Saturday I was invited by papaya tree hotel with my dynamic counterparts of Indoreblogger association for their astonishing and fascinating corn food festival from 10 to 15 of August.

Their were 50 dishes made of corn in just and economical price of rupees 333. Colourful tea cattle’s luminescence colour of lights make this place captivating and breathetaking. I was zapped to see multitudinous variety of dishes made of 🌽 corn.

I was thrilled to bits when I tasted some lip smacking sweetmeats like rasmali and rasgulla with corn 🌽.

I relished every dish as all the dishes eye pleasing and toothsome. We had awesome authentic bhutte ka kis, corn 🌽 bhurji, bhutte ki biryani, corn masala, bhutte ke kenab, corn seek kabab,baby corn satay,corn on the cob which had barbecue peri peri sauce with lemon, butter Mexican grilled, butter corn, pop corn, bhutte ke pakode,patato and corn 🍜 soup, Twx max chicken corn soup, corn pesto,corn rasmali, corn rasgulla.

Masala corn:I really relish corn masala because of its tangy taste.

Pesto corn: this is a must order dish to gorge on and it is rich and sumptuous in taste.

Tandoori chai: having tandoori chai is truly a delight for your tastebuds in this awesome rainy season.

Patato and corn soup: this lip- smacking soup is scrumptious. If you have sore throat then I would highly recommend this soup.

Bhutte ki bhurji: I like bhutte ki bhurji more than bhutte ka kis. You will relish the texture of this dish.

Bhutte ka rasgulla: at the end of the meal we had delicious bhutte ka rasgulla which was like a cherry on the top.

Overall we had oodles of fun with some amazing dishes. I would like to suggest that you should also make a plan to visit this awesome place with your family and loved ones and savour the corn food festival.

*Matru Bhasha Unyan Sansthan: An Unsurpassed Devotee Knight for Hindi Language and Heritage*

Recently I visited European countries and I was amazed to see that all folks use their local language. They are not ashamed that they don’t know English or they are not fluent in English. Countries like Japan, China and many European countries use only their native language in the field of education, job sector, official work Government documentation and many more.

These countries continuously achieving success, progress and set the benchmark in every field like education, science, jobs, agricultural, architecture, technology by using their native language. Today, we may have become Independent from the British, but have not been able to get free from the British culture, it is a matter of great sadness that Hindi was a delightful contributor to the song of freedom. But after independence, in India itself, there is no stone left in defiance of Hindi.

Undoubtedly English is a global language. But Hindi is our national language. We should emphasize the importance of the Hindi language, which is losing its importance. Sadly, we are in a country where the English-speaking population is considered more sensible and intelligent. It is miserable to see that during job interviews; English-speaking people are given preference over others. It is time to reverse the biased view. Hindi is our national language and India can’t develop without Hindi. Sadly, everyone is after an English medium.

Fortunately, now we have an organization which is truly committed to popularize and make the Hindi Language to National Language. Simultaneously this organization is making world prestige. Though many organizations in the country are actively engaged in Hindi service, in the bunch of all those institutions, the “Matru Bhasha Unyan Sansthan” is becoming a unique identity. The tireless efforts and perseverance of this institution are commendable.

This Organization is established as a Hindi Savy Sansthan in India and around the world. They are strongly reminding the youth about their roots, culture and language.

Matru Bhasha Unayan Sansthan is trying to establish the self-respect of Hindi, the institute is preparing hard-working Indian rituals, who are doing the work of propagating Hindi on different terrain and getting support for making Hindi the national language. Today, to make Hindi the official language or the national language, it is necessary to come together with the entire country. Since 11th November 2016, this organization is giving a platform to Hindi writers and putting their remarkable work on Internet through After that, they registered this institute as Matru Bhasha Unayan Sansthan in 2017. As a director, Mr Arpan Jain Avichal took the responsibility of this Institute.

In just two-and-a-half years, the institute has formed its units in about 22 states of the country. With clear goal and well-planned approach has added more than 11 lakh people who have supported Hindi to be the national language. Their motto is to make the Hindi language as the national language.

Hindi has to be made as an employment-oriented language, providing employment opportunities in Hindi, keeping the honour of Indian languages intact, providing justice to the people in public language, discharge of literature purity. They want to open the Hindi Library and through the library, they want to make book friends and make this language popular and prominent around the world.

They want to commence a Hindi revolution through Hindi writers and literature. Dr Arpan Jain “Avichal” is the National President of MatruBhasha Unyan Sansthan. National sub-director is Dr Neena Joshi, National General secretary is Mr Kamlesh Kamal, National Republic secretary is Mr Ozasvi, National Treasurer Director is Ms Shikha Jain. National Executive member is Mr Mukesh Molva and Ms Anjali Vad are the prominent, diligent, and devotee member of this Sansthan. Their hard work, support and constant support is remarkable and incredible.

*Present Situation of the Revolution:*

Due to the constant hard work of Dr Arpan Jain “Avichal” Matra Bhasha Unyan Sansthan successfully place itself on the global board. Dr Arpan Jain ‘Avichal’ swore to inspire for signature in Hindi. The impact of the hard work done in 2017 started to appear in the following two years. The effect of this campaign was that previous people who used to sign in English, from bank to other government work, have not only started signing in Hindi but with the support of the institute’s campaign, the Prime Minister is also focusing to make Hindi as the national language. This organization inspired more than 1 million people to start doing their signature in Hindi. Finally, the Revolution of Changing Signature was awarded by World Book of Records, London. More than 1 million people supported the Hindi language as a National Language. Matra Bhasha Sansthan is loved by people more than 1 million folks love their page. It is also worth mentioning that more than 2000 prominent writer’s write on It is also worth mentioning that 10000 writers are connected to literary Fund. All most 20000 newspapers, Editor’s, and newspaper Owners are connected with Matra Bhasha Sansthan. Institute has got recognition more than 7000 news. Numerous eminent Politicians and thousands of Public Representatives has supported Our Sansthan.

Undoubtedly this Institute is doing a remarkable contribution to the Hindi Language. It won’t be too much if I would say that this institute has become an unsurpassed active knight for the Hindi language.

The development of Hindi is the development of the country. The contribution of each member of the institute is incredible. There is no doubt that this institution itself is an inspirational source for all of us who have connected us with our heritage culture and language.

Let’s unite together for the pride of the Hindi Language. Let’s ignite the torch of Hindi Language and try to connect Hindi with the world. With the immense Support of Matra Bhasha Unyan Sansthan, the Hindi language will regain its pride and place and become the more strong, popular and friendly language in India and around the world.

Palm Oil: It’s Significance and Omnipresence

Most of us are not aware of the fact that we have been using palm oil for so long. According to the facts, palm oil is used by our ancestor’s thousands of years ago.

Currently, palm oil is ruling our day to day life. From supermarkets to our kitchen, bathroom and even our dressing table and multiple products have palm oil.


What is palm oil?

Before we go further let me give you a brief introduction of palm oil.

Palm oil is edible vegan oil. The main foundation of palm oil is the Elaeis guineensis trees, which are inborn to West and Southwest Africa. In recent years, oil palm growth has been growing to Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia. These two countries presently are producing more than 80% of the world’s palm oil supply today.


 1. Health and Nutrition Benefits of Palm Oil

 There are countless benefits of using Palm Oil. First of all, it is cholesterol-free and trans-fat free. It is very highly nutritious and can oxidate stability. It is an easily available and pocket-friendly product. Infact many illustrations proved that palm oil has been used as an auxiliary for traditional hydrogenated seed oils such as soybean oil and canola.


 It can reduce cholesterol level.
 Helps to improve vision
 Supports in reducing the risk of cancer
 Filled with antioxidant
 Contains zero Trans fat
 Helps in preventing heart diseases
 Rich in vitamin K
 Contains unsaturated fats
 Good for pregnant ladies
 Helps to improve energy levels in the body
 Boosts hormonal balance
 Prevents vitamin deficiency in pregnant women and children
 Maintains blood pressure
 Weight loss agent.




2. Palm Oil has fulfilled all The Parameters of Food security

Food security is the key factor for any food product. There are many facts and researches which gives us strong evidence that palm oil is successfully justifying many parameters of food security. 


Firstly, when we compare other soaking culinary oils palm oil doesn’t require hydrogenation to increase the shelf life of its goods since carbon atoms are linked to each other and a pair of hydrogen atoms, means that’s fully saturated.


Secondly, the liquid form called olein is healthier and more often used by many food makers.


Thirdly, All vegetable oils lose their nutritional values while heating at high temperature. On the other hand, palm oil will contain all the nutritional value with high temperature.

 Fourthly Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature, resistant to oxidation.

It will make fried food products crisper and crunchier.


3. Usage of Less land


According to the facts Palm oil uses only 5% of land to harvest 38 % of the cooking oil all-inclusive.  Palm oil harvest whole year. It produces 10 tonnes of fruit per hector. Actually, it requires 10 times lesserland as compared to the other three major oils producing crops like soya, rapeseed and sunflower. And along with using less land, oil palm bolts up suggestively fewer insecticides and chemical fertilizers than coconut, corn or any other vegetable oil source.




Palm oil plays a vital role in the food industry in terms of taste and business

In Asian countries, palm oil is mostly used as cooking oil, but its benefits for food dispensation have been the real draw in the west. Since it remains semi-solid at room temperature, palm oil keeps feasts spreadable. Its solidity at higher temperatures boosts the crunchiness of fried foodstuffs.


Let me tell you that Palm oil is a mutual cooking component in the tropical belt of Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil. Its use in the marketable food industry in other parts of the world is widespread because of its lower cost and the high oxidative stability (saturation) of the refined product when used for frying.


It is a pocket-friendly oil. Bakers love to use this oil for baking products like pastry, dough and multiple baking product.


4. Palm Oil and its multiple uses

I won’t be wrong if I would say that palm oil is a jack of all trade. It has all the properties which made this oil popular and widely used oil.


• Palm oil is vital for global food security and economic development.

• Palm oil consumption has increased 15-fold between 1980 and 2014 and will likely increase further.

• Food: we use palm oil in many food products like chocolates, cakes, chips, bread, biscuits, soups, sauces, etc.

 Palm oil help to increase metabolism. It is also very effective for weight loss as well


Palm oil is used for frying and is also used forbusiness of cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, waxes, and ink. 




5. Is palm oil’s success its greatest opponent?

We cannot deny the fact that the world production of Palm oil has tripled since 2000. Today around half of the packed food product and personal hygiene products in big stores contain palm oil. Palm Oil is important in our life.

WWF (World Wide Fund) assessing it as an important element in 90% of all the supermarket goods used.

One gram of Palm Oil supplies 9 Kcal of energy, which is 2 ½ times more than one gram of protein 4 (Kcal) or Carbohydrates 4 (Kcal).

With the growing demand for culinary oil worldwide palm oil is a nice option. At the same time, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Palm oil is more pocket-friendly than any other cooking oil in the market.

It’s worth noticing the fact that Palm oil also produces income worth billions of dollars and is assessed to employ 6 million people worldwide which is commendable. 

 The Final Conclusion

 This enormous scale opens up an unceasing discussion about the properties of Palm Oil on overall fitness and wellness. Appreciatively there have been plentiful educations showed by respectable International frames that palm oil is filled with multitude numbers of benefits.


Study shows that each tablespoon of Palm Oil contains 119 calories, 13.5-gram fat and 2.2-milligram Vitamin C, which help reduce the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, raise good HDL cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack and improve the immune system.


According to Harvard Nutrition experts, palm oil is better than butter. Because butter contains high trans-fat which increases our LDL (bad cholesterol).  On the other hand, the palm is less saturated than butter and contain less trans-fat.

Overall palm is filled with natural goodness. Let’s facilitate our self with this beautiful gift of nature.


To know more about Palm Oil visit their website

Instagram: richu1303

Mango chocolate shrikhand

Aam Shrikhand with Mango Salad Recipe: A summer season special, experiment and try some of the best innovative mango recipes like this one here. Whip up some sweet comfort salad dessert with a soothing mix of yogurt, cream, mangoes, milk, saffron and cardamom. Mango with Shrikhand is a heavenly combination one can have in summers! Shrikhand being a creamy and luscious indian dessert is paired with the king of fruits. Extract the best of this pulpy summer fruit with this delicious recipe which sounds as delicious as it can get.

Ingredients Of Aam chocolate Shrikhand with Mango Salad

1 Cup Hung yogurt (hung curd)

1/2 tsp Saffron

1 Fresh mangoes, chopped

1 tsp Cardamom powder

3/4 Cup Castor sugar

1/2 Cup Mango puree

Chocolate slab

How to Make Aam chocolate Shrikhand with Mango Salad

Whisk hung curd and castor sugar together.

Add the mango puree and whisk some more until smooth.

Now put saffron and cardamom powder to the mixture and mix again.

Add the chopped mango pieces and whisk again to make a thick mixture, melt chocolate slab with double boiler

layer chocolate then mango salad, then mango Shrikhand Serve along with the mango salad.

A Gadget Free Day!

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Madhya Pradesh is an incredibly rich for its culture and history. We have remarkable heritage buildings and temples. These celebrated buildings have an extraordinary architecture which will take you into a different bygone era of royality. Last Saturday, I went to Lal baagh place. When I reached there they asked me to submit my camera and phones in the locker. Initially, I was ticked off of by this gesture because begin a travel blogger it is hard for me to visit a place without clicking pictures. Later, I relished roaming without any gadgets. The sunshine from the huge windows which were creating interesting shadows, that I wouldn’t have noticed with a camera in my hand. I was looking everything like a patron who is not bothered to capture each and everything with a camera. I would say my eyes were playing its role as a natural camera which was imprinting images in my mind with experience. When I entered into the Palace I saw two huge lamps of the Victorian era with artificial candles. Royal dining area Victorian ceiling, royal bedrooms, bathrooms with massive bathtubs and tiger statutes will give you sneak peek of that larger than life era. I think these electronic gadgets are taking away our pleasure of soul. Sometimes we should experience someplace with our naked eyes. I really relished this experience. Hope you like my idea.

How Netflix has provided a new horizon for writers

The Age of writers

The millennials and the kids of 90s are going gung-ho over Netflix. All the aspiring and established writers and creative’s from across different platforms are culcating new age drama for all the varied audience. This new age audience is the ones who are bored to death watching the same, repetitive daily soaps and scripted reality shows. This is a revolutionary period and an astronomical leap in the entertainment industry. The new age writers of the online streaming platform have made the humongous change in the way the audience wants to devour the online content uninterrupted. Netflix has ignited a new light of creativity and content. Netflix has given a free hand to its content developers to break the monotony of its audience. Netflix is dishing out content that the audiences can savor.
netflix 2
Success is not about Box office and Rating
The audiences, until Netflix came into being in India, were exasperated with the age-old rigmarole of Indian televisions fixation with infinite daily soaps. In the age of bottleneck competition and limitation of time, Netflix had come as a breath of fresh air, where the audience can watch finite shows on the go. The shows on Netflix keep the curiosity alive in the audience even after the season ends and eagerly await for the new season to commence. The characters are real and pragmatic that connects with the audience instantly.
Netflix it doesn’t have shows filled with cliches. There is no pressure on box office success. The shows are free from all the emblazonment of the Hindi film industry such as song and dance routine or front seat whistle worthy dialogues. Netflix shows are providing shows that are relevant and are a slice of life.
Netflix committed Audience
netflix 3
Today Netflix boasts of committed, dedicated and loyal audience. Today the audience is not controlling their tv sets with a remote but our glued its endearing shows. Netflix is giving the audience a la carte dining experience of a sumptuous restaurant straight into their living rooms.
Netflix writers are oozing with intriguing ideas and drama plots that are unique and fresh. The motto of Netflix is to provide sustained entertainment and value for money.
The Netflix Age
This is a new era of Netflix in the age of nuclear family where personal space and time are an integral part. Netflix is a unique amalgamation of thought and creativity. Netflix doesn’t bound an audience and everyone’s free to binge on the shows whenever they have ample time. Netflix is with the audience 24 by 7 and it gives the liberty to watch their shows on the go.